“Don’t let them in your bed”…”Remove a dummy at 6 months”…”Don’t feed your child to sleep”…”Put your child down awake”….”You’ll make a rod for your own back”….. Blah. Blah. Blah. We’ve heard it all a million times.

To me, parenting is all about ‘Survival of the Fittest’; survival of the fittest is about adapting to your surroundings to survive, and if that means producing a co-sleeping, dummy sucking child who you most DEFINITELY feed to sleep (and then crap yourself about the ‘transfer’ to bed- why would you put your child down actually AWAKE??! Holy crap) and you visit and cuddle your child every time they cry (while God forbid actually making eye contact with them) then that is what is needed to survive.

So there it is. I do all of these and many more examples of inadequate parenting. In fact, as a mother of 3 boys I feel I’m now well and truly qualified in being an inadequate parent.

Big T is 5 years old and says the funniest things. Middle F is 3 years old and does the funniest things. Little B is 12 weeks old and gets dragged along for the ride…

Please join me in sharing the daily chaos and general mayhem (with a guarantee that all accounts are 100% true with no exaggeration) of raising 3 spirited boys…who will be sure to sleep in my bed until they are 18…or as I like to think of them, my 3 beautiful little men…


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