Domestic Goddess…

We all love hearing about the super mums of the world, the ones who manage to maintain perfectly behaved children, a spotless house, create freshly cooked meals that are hot on the table for when their partner arrives home, are impeccably turned out themselves and probably fart rainbow dust too.

Some manage to prepare a ‘structured’ activity for their children to experience on a daily basis, a little cooking perhaps, a sensory activity which incorporates touch, smell and taste, a ‘scenario’ laid out for their child to explore…

I’ve found it quite useful and enlightening to let your children demonstrate a little independence by gathering together their own sensory objects and experiences, here are a few examples from our house if you wish to recreate them in your own home:

  1. Middle F explored his sense of touch and taste when I found him playing with an empty tuna can, fished out from the recycling, and nibbling a few items from the toilet bin as he sifted through it.
  2. When Big T was around 18months old I was chatting to a good friend in the park and then realised my son was out of my eye line. Turned around to find him exploring taste by sucking the edge of the park bin. The next day he was shitting through the eye of a needle. True story.
  3. Found it really heart warming when I heard Middle F singing to himself as he played in the other room, went to see what he was playing and found him in the loo washing the walls with a washing up sponge using water from the toilet.
  4. Big T and Middle F were making dens with their cousin. They had carefully selected a few items to place in the middle of their den which they were particularly fond of. The main three were a small plastic chicken (dinner?) a big pile of chocolates (pudding?) and a packet of real life, razor sharp steak knives (shit).
  5. And finally don’t worry about providing sterile or even remotely clean items for play/consumption, Big T dropped one of his ‘fruit’ rings (ok yes it was a Haribo) only to say “It’s alright mum, I’ve licked all the dirt off so it’s ok to eat it now.”

The above are just a snippet of the creativity that’s going on daily in our house.

As well as providing all these learning opportunities for my children I too am a domestic goddess. I decided to make Toad in the Hole from scratch with perfectly boiled potatoes, ready to be piping hot for when my husband returned from a hard days work. I WAS going to be that woman.

The potatoes I over boiled so half disintegrated into mush. The toad went so well it was like a hard, stodgy cake. A sausage cake with sausages nowhere to be seen. To be fair at the time I did have a baby lying on the kitchen floor so he could happily kick about and still see me, a two year old trying to post chocolate coins into the fish tank and a 5 year old cleaning the television with my slipper.

Nobody can make a sausage cake like me. Nailed it.




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