Puddles, shits and giggles…

Sunny Sunday in a nutshell….

Lovely trip to Hylands park, sun shining, birds singing, whizzing down slides, sounds of children laughing… Perfect Sunday jaunt with the family.

Wellies on, little ‘toe dips’ in puddles….

Then this happened…repeatedly…

Which can only be described as a ‘mince’ through the water with a belly on display…

Swiftly followed by this….

Which can only be described as total feet engulfment and being dragged down in bloody ‘quick mud’ (if that even exists)

which all resulted in this…..

Well, a video this sodding thing won’t let me upload but basically pouring out gallons of water from each child’s boot.

Spirits not to be ‘dampened’ we returned home, lots of laughter to be had by Big T and Middle F over the fact they splashed so hard in the puddles they rejoiced in announcing that they actually made their willies wet.

Big T needed to make a dragon for homework for Chinese New Year so we embarked on that, cutting, painting, sticking; nobody was going to produce a bad boy like this one (not that I’m remotely competitive)

Roast dinner made by my husband, Martin, along with a haggis kindly donated to the family- I couldn’t quite face it but Martin tucked in with gusto (any excuse to use that word)

Dinner eaten, although the majority were reluctant to try the Scottish delicacy, amongst over the table small talk of wet willies and what skid marks are (the pant variety) then back to the epic dragon.

Day ended with Middle F dropping a shite bomb in the bath (great excitement). Meanwhile I was bagging up the remainder of the haggis to put in the wheelie and leaned on the wet dragon, covering my cream jumper in non-washable paint whilst reaching for the bin bag I’d secretly hidden containing broken/unwanted toys that I was trying to smuggle out the house like the secret service.

All in all a good day I feel, parenting totally in control throughout. BOOM!


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